UI Graphic Designers (Contract Work)

UI Graphic Designers (Contract Work)

The VRChat design team has been working on a new UI. We’re ready to begin testing the new tech and we’re looking for talented graphic designers to help us expand the scope of the feature launch.

We can’t say too much right now, as we’re still hard at work getting everything ready. A signed Non-Disclosure Agreement is required prior to work beginning.

This is a contractor position, and not full-time. We are hiring multiple people for this position.

Project Scope

You’ll be working directly with the VRChat Feature Team to concept, design, and polish custom 2D UI elements. Depending on your work and turn-around time, we may commission multiple designs.

Deliverables will include multiple assets for a complete project, so stylistic consistency across several UI elements is essential.

Required Skills

  • Solid Graphic Design sensibilities, clear written/verbal communication, and willingness to take instruction to adapt designs to suit deliverables.
  • Expertise in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or similar design app
  • Proficiency in Unity Software, specifically 2D asset production and optimization

What we need to see from you

  • An amazing graphic design portfolio
    • Behance, Artstation, Deviantart, et cetera
    • If your project is a shipped game or app: provide a link to the Store Page, and (if possible) a couple activation keys so we can try it out

  • Showcase of 2D Designs
    • Examples of UI design is essential, but bonus points for versatility
    • Must show at least 1 example of your process: Taking a project from design brief to rough concept to final deliverable. Be sure to call out how the project was refined with input from collaboration / input from stakeholders.